Kris’s Story

Kris Hartner of Naperville, a competitive runner since age 13, has participated Ironman competitions, multiple marathons, triathlons and cycling races. When a bike crash in Spain threatened to dramatically change this lifestyle, he turned to the doctors at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) to help him get his active, athletic life back on track. [...]

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Lifelong Athlete Back to Full Speed After Shoulder Surgery

Hinsdale resident John Blacketor rigorously maintained the lifestyle of an athlete after graduating from college, playing hockey, tennis, golf and football; running; lifting; skiing; and more. He wasn’t interested in slowing down. “I played hockey throughout high school and continued in men’s leagues after college, up until I was 48,” Blacketor explained. “I was [...]

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College Player Back in Action after Overuse Injury

Baseball is a huge part of life for Millikin University sophomore Ben Jacobs. And he doesn’t take his ability to play at the college level for granted. Just a few years ago while playing in a high school summer travel league, Ben was afraid his plans for a college baseball career might be derailed. He [...]

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Weightlifter Gets Her “World Class” Shoulders Back

As a four-time national masters weightlifting champion, Chicagoan Gwen Chamberlin is an athlete whose success in the sport came later in life. After starting Crossfit, Gwen slowly gravitated toward weightlifting at the age of 45. One decade later, she’s developed an impressive resume in the world of competitive weightlifting – even after overcoming a few [...]

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Dr. Mark Cohen Discusses Tommy John Surgery

Dr. Mark Cohen, a hand, wrist and elbow orthopedic surgeon at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, joined Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul on Sports Medicine Weekly to discuss the evolution of Tommy John surgery. Dr. Cohen, who serves as the Director of the Orthopaedic Hand and Elbow Section at Rush University, explains that Tommy John [...]

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Patient Back to Work after PRP for Tennis Elbow

Bill Belmonte owns and operates a busy furniture refinishing business in suburban Chicago. Because he does much of the work himself, a working, pain-free elbow is critical to his livelihood. When lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) affected his work, he sought advice from Dr. Nikhil Verma at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. Dr. Verma suggested he try [...]

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Video: NBC 5 Sports Injury Report: Dr. Mark Cohen

NBC 5 Sports Injury Report: Dr. Mark Cohen, hand, wrist and elbow specialist, talks about Tommy John surgery to treat medial epicondylitis, a common injury among baseball pitchers.

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Video: Physicians use motion analysis to reduce injury in athletes

Dr. Antonia Zaferiou runs the motion analysis lab at Rush University Medical Center. Along with Drs. Anthony Romeo and Nikhil Verma, both sports medicine surgeons and team physicians for the Chicago White Sox, she is studying the motion behind common sports injuries, including those sustained by baseball pitchers. Her research will help determine 'how much [...]

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Video: Preventing throwing Injuries with pitchers interview on FOX TV

Dr. Joshua Blomgren, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush sports medicine physician and a team doctor for the Chicago White Sox, talks with Jake Hamilton of FOX TV's Good Day Chicago about preventing and treating throwing injuries among baseball players. His patient Jake Smith recently had a ulnar collateral ligament tear and underwent PRP to treat it [...]

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Video: Interview with Chicago White Sox team physician: Dr. Nikhil Verma

With the Cubs in the spotlight this playoff season, Jake Hamilton of FOX TV's Good Day Chicago, went to Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush to speak with the team physicians for the Chicago White Sox about how to keep pitchers healthy. He talked with Dr. Nikhil Verma, a sports medicine surgeon and a White Sox physician.  [...]

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