Hinsdale resident John Blacketor rigorously maintained the lifestyle of an athlete after graduating from college, playing hockey, tennis, golf and football; running; lifting; skiing; and more. He wasn’t interested in slowing down.

“I played hockey throughout high school and continued in men’s leagues after college, up until I was 48,” Blacketor explained. “I was a goaltender, which is always a position that carries a high risk of injury.”

Eventually, shoulder, knee, and ongoing groin injuries—paired with late weeknight games—forced Blacketor into hockey “retirement.”

While playing baseball and softball, he developed right shoulder issues and eventually was limited to playing the infield. Determined to stay active but relieve stress on his shoulder, he focused on skiing and running. He remained active and generally pain-free.  However, shoulder pain became a serious problem after a skiing accident, which compelled him to finally seek medical advice. He underwent several months of physical therapy, which helped his mobility, but not his pain.

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Finding the Right Specialist

Needing more advice, he consulted Midwest Orthopedics at Rush sports medicine specialist and surgeon, Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph, who referred him to Dr. Gregory Nicholson, a shoulder specialist at Midwest Orthopedics at Rush.

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